Pandemic Predictions: Changing the Face of Travel — GALLIVANCE

It started with a touch, and in the blink of an eye the coronavirus went global. Medical scientists will be sorting out exactly what happened for years to come, but we know for sure that travelers contracted a new, local virus and spread it around the world. We’re now paying the high price for our […]

via Pandemic Predictions: Changing the Face of Travel — GALLIVANCE

10 thoughts on “Pandemic Predictions: Changing the Face of Travel — GALLIVANCE

  1. Of course this is a dire situation, but serious travelers, are going to want to be back in the saddle ASAP. We’re in the process of re-scheduling a Brazil/South Africa trip for Sep and we’re hopeful that we can pull it off. I hope that you stay well and that your fall plans work out. Take care and thanks for re-blogging our post.

  2. Hello CC. I could use some recommendations from you if you don’t mind. Due to a medical condition my fingernails are very thin, breaking at any touch, cracking deep in to the nail. This happened once before and you advised me to get and use a nail polish called hard as nails. It worked great for protecting my nails until my doctors got my body working properly again.

    So I am back to using hard as nails again. But it takes for ever for it to dry. As soon as I go to do something I get polish on other things and the nails get speckled looking like they were shot with buckshot from things touching the nails. I looked on Amazon and there are a lot of fingernail polish dryers, but I have no clue what is a good buy and what is a rip off.

    As these things are a specialty of yours, would mind giving me a tip or two. My cats are tired of having finger nail polish in their hair. Thanks. Hugs

    • Hi Scottie, I use Sally Hansen Insta-Dri top coat. It’s an excellent top coat. I do my nails before I go to bed, and using this top coat, they never get smeared. I hope this helps.

      • Hello CC. So you do not recommend any type of fingernail drying device, because there are a bunch on Amazon? Just the top coat? Thanks. Stay safe and happy. Hugs

      • Hi Scottie, What kind of drying device are you referring too? I’ve never used any myself. You want to use the top coat over whatever nail strengthener you would use.

      • Hello CC. I went on Amazon and searched finger nail dryers. They have many small devices to stick your fingers in, some one hand, some two. Some had timers, others had other features. I fastly got confused. You know more about makeup / beauty stuff than anyone I know so I figured I would ask you. Thanks anyway. If you do check anyout and think they are worth it let me know. Next time I am out I will look for that top coat you mentioned. Thanks again. Hugs

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