Far Right Interpreted NPR’s Tweeting Of The US Constitution As Dishing President Trump

Are you telling me Trump supporters listen to NPR? I didn’t think they knew what NPR stood for, maybe they thought is was the NRA! Ha ha!

Gronda Morin

Image result for photos of the constitution and paintings with forefathersOn July 4, 2017, NPR News tweeted the entire US Constitution to honor the US July 4th Independence day, our day of celebrating when this country broke away from the United Kingdom to become the USA.

But conservatives who were not familiar with this famous document took offense to certain passages which they believed  described the republican President Donald Trump in an unflattering way. And they responded, accordingly.

Dear Conservatives, “Methinks thou protest too much.”

Image result for photos of the constitution and paintings with forefathersHere is the rest of the story...

On July 5, 2017,  Jeremy Binckes of Salon penned the following report along with a transcript of US Constitution that some on the right found so offensive, “NPR’s Declaration of Independence tweet-storm angered some Trump supporters.”

“In an act of patriotism and civic responsibility, National Public Radio tweeted out the full Declaration of Independence — the document that told England’s King George that the 13 colonies would be…

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July 4, 2017 …. “😳 Just Another Day …. first time in my life …. 😳 …. !””

My co-worker today asked what I was doing for July 4th. I said I’m doing nothing, as the reality show that is our current administration has me feeling very unpatriotic.  I was talking with my husband later and said this may be our last July 4th as we know it.  I hope like hell I’m wrong.


Source: July 4, 2017 …. “😳 Just Another Day …. first time in my life …. 😳 …. !””

Super cute hair clips by Janet Carr

I often wear these ‘African Butterflies’ when I want to clip my hair back or have it in a bun. They are basically two hair combs joined with elastic threads. On the threads you can put beads, crystals, charms – anything you want really. I have a few in different colours but for work I […] […]

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Who Says Protest Doesn’t Work?

I certainly hope all of the protesting done in the United States has a positive outcome for our citizens. I won’t be bullied by an orange haired nitwit!

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In recent months we have seen a number of protests in the U.S., from the Women’s March on January 21st, to the People’s Climate March on April 29th, and most recently the March for Truth on June 3rd. Some have said these protests accomplish nothing, but I have disagreed, and today I have proof that organized protests DO sometimes make enough waves to bring about change.

uk-petition.jpgIn January, just a week after Trump’s inauguration, UK Prime Minister Theresa May invited Trump to make a state visit to the UK later this year, which he gladly accepted.  However, the good citizens of the UK do not want Donald Trump to visit … understandably.  Early on, citizens and members of Parliament called for May to rescind her invitation, which she refused to do. In February, a petition circulated and was signed by more than 1.8 million…

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Made In China

A little travel humor!

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As you know… Everything is made in China…





At last! . . .



The Great Wall, China’s legendary defence line, is the country’s number one historic monument and national symbol, Countless thousands visit each year, and with crowds like that, modern bathroom facilities are certainly needed. And no, the green bucket is not used for that purpose.






This is a wonderful example of toilet humour or a massive public urinal. Or both perhaps.
Originally created for the 2009 Fosham Pottery and Porcelain Festival this strange installation by Chinese artist Shu Yong has become a popular piece of public art.
Built from ten thousand recycled toilets and urinals and covering a space one hundred metres by five metres, the sculpture has water spurting from each of the units creating a giant urinal that looks like some sort of surreal waterfall.
Fosham city in  China’s Central Guangdong Province is now flush with…

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Once again, Donald Trump is the boil on the ass of humanity! God, I hate that prick!

This video by a Muslim from Britain says about itself: LONDON BRIDGE TERROR ATTACK | are MUSLIMS to blame?? 3 June 2017 Hi Everyone, here are my thoughts on the terror that is happening right now in London and around the world… my thoughts go out to all of the victims of these atrocious acts […]

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Snap shot of the cluster f*&k U.S. president for just this week!

Lately I’m torn between needing a day off from politics, and sitting on the edge of my seat waiting for the next thing. The next thing is always only a few hours away, which adds a high level of anticipation to my news addiction. Donald Trump has turned me into a backseat political analyst. But […]

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