Holy Grail of Mascara! Bombshell Volume by CoverGirl

This is the best mascara ever!  I have been wearing make up for over 40 years, and have tried numerous brands of mascara.  I have long eyelashes, but they are blonde when I have no make-up on.  I’m always on the hunt for a really good mascara.  I usually end up disappointed, but not this time.  The Bombshell Volume by CoverGirl really delivers. 

As you can see in my photos, this is some killer mascara.  Ulta was having a giveaway if you bought several Olay products along with CoverGirl products; you got a free Bombshell Volume mascara. I was thrilled the first time I used it.  I am wearing brown in my photos.   In the other photo I am wearing L.A. Colors mascara in brown. The price was around $12 at Ulta, but I had an Ulta coupon, along with a manufacturer’s coupon.  I think I paid around $6 for this tube.

I always crack up when I see ads in magazines for mascara, and in the fine print it says “lash inserts used”.  No lash inserts needed with Bombshell Volume! Just sit back and wait for the compliments.

Bombshell Mascara-with and without 8-30-14013Bombshell Mascara-with and LA Colors 8-30-14


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