7 thoughts on “A Dose

  1. Hi there! Saw you on Victoria Styles blog and thought if you are following you, then I must follow you! I do a lot of collabs with her so I just thought I’d drop in and say hi and introduce myself. I’m Janine. I smiled when I saw the name of your blog. Very creative and cute!!

    • Thank you so much for the kind words, and the follow. I thought Cornfedcontessa was cute because I’m from Indiana, and actually corn detasseled for an entire summer when I was a kid. This consisted of riding on a tractor and pulling the tassels from corn stalks. Hard work for a 13 year old girl from the city. Nothing like a summer of hard labor to form character. But I mostly like to make people laugh, and share a beauty tip or two. Thanks again for stopping by. I’m Stacy by the way.

      • Hi Stacy!!! It’s a pleasure to meet you! I can imagine that would be hard work. My teenage boys consider taking the trash out to be debilitating. It’s the age of video games!! But you know… You really got something out of that summer it sounds. I think I need to get on my boys harder!!!!! You just gave me a boost of energy! ☺️❗️

      • So glad to help! We have a 16 year old son who is glued to his computer also. We’ve been after him for months to get a job, but it’s just not happening. He’s not very motivated, and extremely introverted, so I think he may have a tough time finding something. I only have a son, so glad I didn’t have a girl! Too much drama! LOL!

      • Well the good thing is, hopefully he will grow out of it. When I think of how I was when I was 16, I’m blessed that our son is nothing like I was. I was quite the handful. My mother use to say she didn’t think I would make it past the 8th grade!

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