Ulta birthday freebie-Benefit Roller Lash

I love discovering new make up.  At my favorite store Ulta, I got a deluxe size Roller Lash mascara by Benefit in black for my birthday. I also got a $10 coupon for being a platinum rewards member.

I thought I had found my holy grail ( I have a lot of those) in the L’Oreal Million Lashes I was most recently using. OMG! This Benefit mascara is the bomb!  I have long lashes, so that’s not an issue.  This Roller Lash stays on until you take it off.  I’ve been having issues with my mascara flaking off lately.  I wasn’t even putting mascara on my lower lashes because of this.  I wear glasses so you can’t really tell, but it still bugged me. It only comes in one color, black.  I’m more of a black/brown girl, but what the heck.

This mascara does everything it says, I have fuller, curled lashes. Full disclosure, I’ve never needed a lash curler, and frankly they scare me.  I don’t know about the lifting aspect, but my lashes look pretty darn good! I’ll be taking back the three tubes of L’Oreal and buying a full size when this runs out.  Ulta Benefit Birthday Freebie Mascara 1-17-16

It’s pricey at $24, but the way it stays on is totally worth it.  It comes off easily too and is water resistant, which I normally stay away from.

Check it out http://www.ulta.com/ulta/browse/productDetail.jsp?productId=xlsImpprod11951085

11 thoughts on “Ulta birthday freebie-Benefit Roller Lash

  1. Definitely will have to try this then! I’ve been using Lush’s mascara as I was going through a phase of trying to use makeup with less chemicals in due to having a bad reaction to something and I got a sample of this but gave it away 😦 Will definitely have to try this now!! :0 xxx

  2. Does Ulta require a purchase or purchase history to get the 2016 birthday gift? I’m looking under my account and all it says is ” Happy Birthday! You earn DOUBLE points on all your purchases this month!”

    I didn’t get anything in my email or mail about the birthday gift this month. My birthday was a few days ago. The catalog arrives like clockwork, though.

    • I didn’t get the email until my actual birthday. I got the $10 coupon for being a platinum rewards member. I’ve always gotten something free on my birthday. I would try contacting Ulta. They got back to me right away when I contacted them last. Happy belated birthday! Mine was Jan. 14th.

      • This year, Ulta does require a purchase prior to a birthday.
        My last purchase was around October 2015. I don’t shop Ulta more often because their stores consistently have low-to-no stock issues, points expire quickly, the varying promotion restrictions are confusing, long lines, and their stock is always in disarray. Customer reviews turned me away from purchasing from Ulta.com.

        Now, this previous-purchase requirement is ridiculous. They just reminded me why I gave Sephora 95% of my business.

        Here was Ulta’s response:
        In order to receive this special gift, a purchase has to be made and applied to your Ultamate Rewards account prior to your birthday.
        We don’t want this offer to pass you by, though, so if you still want to buy something in our stores or online we are happy to send you the gift. Just reply to this email once you’ve made the purchase and we’ll get it sorted out.

      • Sorry to hear that. Where is the Ulta you shop at? I’m right outside Milwaukee, WI and haven’t really had any of the issues you have had. The Sephora by me is really small, and doesn’t carry a lot of lines.

      • Orland Park,IL. I primarily shop Ulta for NYX’s line. I like the fact that they carry a lot of the brand’s products.

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