Top 10 Hacks To Save Money While Travelling. — The Wandering Broski

Great tips!  Also download WhatsApp on your smartphone to stay in contact.  We recently traveled to Costa Rica and Panama.  This was our first long trip without our teenager. We kept in daily contact using WhatsApp. All you need is a WIFI connection.  You can talk and text.

We traveled for 10 days, and had our clothes washed half way through.  Some locals in Bastimentos, Panama washed our clothes for $5 a load! No down time sitting in a laundry on vacation.

Originally posted on The Wandering Broski: Lets face it bro, unless you’ve won the lottery, saving money whilst travelling is a must if you want to extend the time of your life! Here’s some tips on how to continue the wanderlust… Find the cheapest flights. Save money on flights = more money for travelling bro!…

Top 10 Hacks To Save Money While Travelling.

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