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Sunday funny!

I was at the grocery store this afternoon.  As I was doing my shopping, I kept coming across this couple where the young woman was hanging on to the belt loops of her boyfriends pants. Like, oh no, he might get away.  Or actually hanging onto his pants.

She was a cute girl, so I figured her boyfriend must be hot. I never got a good look at him, at least not until I was almost done shopping.  I’m thinking this dude must look like Brad Pitt or something.

Brad_Pitt_300 6-4-17

Nope, more like Steve Buscemi. Yikes! I had to do a double take!

at the Los Angeles Premiere of "Charlotte's Web". Arclight Theatre, Hollywood, CA. 12-10-06

I’m thinking, let him get away, really! Ha ha!

Fake news fact check

This is a sad commentary on our society. It’s a money grab for ad clicks. This appears weekly in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel on Sunday. The stories are outlandish to say the least.  The really sad thing is so many people believe this rubbish. A dumb down of our fellow Americans.


Fake News 6-4-17

Once again, Donald Trump is the boil on the ass of humanity! God, I hate that prick!

This video by a Muslim from Britain says about itself: LONDON BRIDGE TERROR ATTACK | are MUSLIMS to blame?? 3 June 2017 Hi Everyone, here are my thoughts on the terror that is happening right now in London and around the world… my thoughts go out to all of the victims of these atrocious acts […]

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Zenni Optical glasses review

Hello all my optically challenged WordPress friends! I’ve been wearing glasses for 35 years. I recently bought some glasses with our vision insurance, and they cost $300! With insurance! They were just okay. I couldn’t see my computer at work, so I took them back. I recently ordered some glasses from Zenni Optical. I bought a pair four years ago, and they were great.

The new pair I got have clip on sun shades.You can not tell that these sun shades clip on. They are magnetized at the temple, so your glasses won’t get scratched. I can’t believe the deal I got. The great thing about Zenni is you can try the glasses on virtually. These glasses were spot on as far as how they fit. I don’t have to get them adjusted either! They don’t carry any designer frames, but who cares! It took about 10 days to get my glasses. They came with a hard plastic case and a lens cleaning cloth.

Here’s the low down on what I purchased:

Frames $35.95-included sun shade
Beyond UV 1.61 High Index Progressive no-line Multifocal lenses $73.95
Standard blue anti-reflective coating-Free
Extra clip on sunshade $5.95
Phone number engraved on inside arm-$1.95
Shipping $4.95

OMG! The price for the glasses I took back would have been $755 without insurance.

Xenni helps you select the right lenses based on your prescription.

These glasses are super lightweight, and really thin with the sun shades being very dark. My glasses would look like Coke bottles otherwise. My selfie skills suck, but you get the idea.

P.S. I took these photos after a beer or three. LOL!…/beau…/best-eyeglasses-online/