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Yep, this is my hair, a bird’s nest.

Happy Sunday!  I don’t know what it is about getting older that really jacks with your hair.  I have naturally curly fine hair that is really very bird nest looking.  I know being in menopause contributes to my dilemma, but come on!

It’s bad enough that my skin has taken on that crepey look of an old lady, but my hair! It’s a constant struggle.  I take hair vitamins, I use every hair product imaginable to tame my wild ass hair, nothing seems to work. I’ve been to countless hair stylists over the years, seems as if they never know what to do. I’m sure their are many other women who have the same problem.  I have a bathroom closet full of hair products that don’t do what they promise. (big surprise there).

I’m just glad I don’t smoke, as I have a true fire hazard on my head!

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Birds Nest hair 8-6-17

Birds nest 8-6-17