Foreign Travel Tips

We recently traveled to Costa Rica.  This was the first time we rented a car while traveling out of the country. I highly recommend renting a GPS. We flew into San Jose and drove to the Arenal region which is in central Costa Rica.  Road signs were far and few and in Spanish, which I don’t speak.  We used a GPS that came with our travel package.  The next time we travel abroad we will get the GPS from the car rental agency.

We stayed in the Arenal area for three days then drove to Tamarindo for three days.  Even though it was only 133 miles it took us 4 hours as the speed limit is much slower.  The majority of the roads are only two lanes, and you are slowing down constantly as you are driving through many small towns.

I would highly recommend Costa Rica as a travel destination.  We went for a week with our teenage son and had a wonderful time.  The locals were very friendly and the scenery was beautiful.  We hiked in the rain forest, and enjoyed lively night life in Tamarindo Beach on the Pacific Ocean.

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