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Costa Rica Sept. 2016-Part 1-Cahuita

Hello!  Just wanted to share some info and photos of our recent trip to Costa Rica. My husband and I recently vacationed in Costa Rica and Panama for ten days. This was our first trip for more than two days without our son.  We visited Costa Rica three years ago, and loved it.

This time out we decided to go to the Southeastern Caribbean coast. Our first stop was Cahuita.  We did lots of research before going.   We chose Cahuita because it’s old Caribbean, by that I mean, no high rise hotels, amusement parks, etc.  Just lots of local charm, great food and really cold beer.

We used  Anywherecostarica for our travel in Costa Rica and Panama.  We rented a car on our last visit, but due to going to another country during our trip, we opted for shuttles.  Anywherecostarica was great.  Picked us up in San Jose for our four hour ride to Cahuita.  We also changed departure times and it was super easy.  Just a quick email, and our times were changed. It was a long day of travel, so it was nice to just relax after being on a plane for six hours.

Cahuita is a laid back and vibrant little village of Costa Rica’s unique Creole culture, brought about by its Afro-Caribbean heritage. It’s a small town, but had many restaurants and things to do.

All of the food we had was wonderful.   We stayed at La Casa de Las Flores; a cute family owned bed and breakfast.  This hotel was highly rated on TripAdvisor, and we were very pleased.  Very clean, great breakfast and very comfortable beds.   We selected our hotel based on having breakfast included.  Once we got to Cahuita, we discovered  many restaurants that we easily could have stayed elsewhere for less, and eaten breakfast out for very cheap. We were maybe ½ block from the main drag.   It was easy walking to everything Cahuita had to offer.  The locals were friendly and there were dogs running around everywhere.  We are big dog lovers, so we liked that.

Cahuita National Park was a short walk from our hotel.  Since we were traveling in low season, it was not crowded.  The park is free to get in, but a donation is appreciated.  We hired a guide to walk us through the jungle.  We saw so many interesting creatures we would have never seen if we didn’t have a guide.  Our guide Richard was from Cahuita,  and was very knowledgeable.  The cost for the guide was $20 per person per hour.  One thing to note, there were no biting insects walking in the jungle.  The beaches were beautiful and mostly free of tourists.  I got some great photos.

Plantains are a staple of Costa Rican food.  We must have eaten them almost daily, which was fine with us.  We visited the  Sloth Sanctuary which was really cool. Only one other person was on the tour with us.  Cost was $30 per person.  After a tour of the sanctuary, we were taken on a canoe ride on a small river.  Very peaceful and lots of wild life.

We ate great local food at pretty much every meal.  The hubby had lots of fresh fish that he thoroughly enjoyed.  The atmosphere in Cahuita is really laid back. No high rise hotels, and not very crowded.   We stayed for three days, and it only rained one afternoon where we couldn’t do anything.  Check out TripAdvisor for all of my reviews on Cahuita.



Purple grasshopper


Bus station


Cahuita National Park


Beach at Cahuita National Park


Costa Rican breakfast!


Great little B&B


Pool at LaCasa de Las Flores


Yummy Italian food


Sloth Sanctuary


Sloth size when the dinosaurs roamed


Tropical flower


Tranquil canoe ride at Sloth Sanctuary


Look at that face!


One of many friendly dogs


Entrance to Cahuita National Park


Richard, super park guide


Spiders everywhere you looked


Beautiful creatures everywhere!


Our guide Richard


Cahuita National Park


Clinique Chubby Stick Lip Balm

Happy Sunday!  Can I just say I carry way too many colors of lipstick with me. Like at least five tubes of either gloss, balm, lip stick, you name it, I carry it. Now I’m not sure why I carry so many, but I guess I’m an oddball that way.  I’ve been wearing lipstick since I was 14.

Planning a recent vacation for 10 days involved only bringing essentials, as we were staying at four hotels in two countries. I thought a colored lip balm would do the trick.  I already have several, but none of them were doing anything for me. I was at a fashion show recently and tried a Clinique Chubby Stick in Bountiful Blush  Turns out it was a great color on me, so I bought one at Ulta for $17.  Normally I wouldn’t spend that much on a lip balm, but the color looks very nice, and I was running out of time. Once this runs out I’ll find a cheaper dupe.

It’s a pretty rosy color that I think would work well on any skin tone. It’s easy to use, and you don’t need a mirror.  It’s very moisturizing and it stays on for a long time.

Here’s me in Costa Rica with a bit of a tan (very tan for me, as I don’t tan). I think it makes your teeth look whiter also.  My selfies skills suck, as my nose really isn’t that big. Oh well.

Thanks for stopping by.


Foreign Travel Tips

We recently traveled to Costa Rica.  This was the first time we rented a car while traveling out of the country. I highly recommend renting a GPS. We flew into San Jose and drove to the Arenal region which is in central Costa Rica.  Road signs were far and few and in Spanish, which I don’t speak.  We used a GPS that came with our travel package.  The next time we travel abroad we will get the GPS from the car rental agency.

We stayed in the Arenal area for three days then drove to Tamarindo for three days.  Even though it was only 133 miles it took us 4 hours as the speed limit is much slower.  The majority of the roads are only two lanes, and you are slowing down constantly as you are driving through many small towns.

I would highly recommend Costa Rica as a travel destination.  We went for a week with our teenage son and had a wonderful time.  The locals were very friendly and the scenery was beautiful.  We hiked in the rain forest, and enjoyed lively night life in Tamarindo Beach on the Pacific Ocean.