Dollar Store Treasure Hunt-Deals on Cosmetics

You can find some amazing deals on make up at the dollar store.  I went today and got five nail art products for $5.  I already have six of the L.A. Colors Nails Art Deco polishes and they work great.  The Sassy + Chic 3 in 1 Nail Art Pens just came in.  I try and stop every week to check out what’s new.   I have several twelve color eye shadows pallets from L.A. Colors that I use all the time.  Even if I only use one color (which I never do) it’s a total steal, and it wears well. I don’t really care for their regular nail polish, but the Art Deco nails are great.

I recently purchased Physicians Formula Organic Wear blush at the dollar store. I believe it’s discontinued, as I looked at other stores and couldn’t find any.  I bought warm and cool colors.  I went back a week later to buy some for my niece and they were gone.  That’s the thing about the dollar store; you have to buy the things you like when you see them.

My local dollar store is next to the grocery store, so I don’t even have to go out of my way.  I’ve been on a nail art kick since my nails finally grew long.  They were awful for the longest time.   I recently added spinach to my diet, having a spinach salad four times a week for lunch.  My nails are awesome now. I get so many compliments on my manicure these days.  I have “man” hands, so having nice looking nails is sweet.  Speaking of sweet, the dollar store has the freshest candy too.

011Physicians Formula Organic Wear Blush


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