Dollar Tree Delights-Eye Shadows

I just got back from Dollar Tree this afternoon. Oh how I love that store.  I was just there on August 19th and got some great nail art pens and polish.  Even though I was just there four days ago, I was at Ulta which is in the same strip mall, so I had to stop. I’m so glad I did. They got some new L.A. Colors 12 color eye shadow pallets.  The first pallet I picked up called Trendy has various shades of brown and are a matte finish.  I will get a lot of use out of this one as brown shades are my go to colors for my blue eyes. Next up is the Glamorous pallet.  It has shades of taupe along with several grays and a cornflower blue. Last but not least is Supernatural; it has four shades of gray along with some blue and aqua shadows. It has a pretty color of cobalt blue which is a good crease color along with the brown lid color for a more intense look.  The L.A. Colors shadows are highly pigmented and last all day.  No eye primer required. I met some friends for dinner this week and only had to touch up my lipstick and powder my nose.  My make-up had been on for almost 10 hours, and still looked good at the end of the evening.

I also got a 3-in-1 Instant Eye Enhancer from Physicians Formula.  The package said it was for blue eyes, but after I opened it, turns out it’s for green eyes.  It will go in the pot of make-up I’ll send to my niece.  I got some hot oil treatment for my hair.  I use to use hot oil treatments years ago when I had my very curly hair professionally straightened.  You can’t go wrong with two treatments for a buck!

Stayed tuned for my next review on an Argan Heat flat iron purchased from Ulta today.  Happy make up hunting!Dollar Tree 8-23-14


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