How not to be a rotten boss-by a former boss-Part two

I should know when I write late at night I am bound to forget something.  I wanted to add a few things to my previous post of the same name from November 7th.

So here we go.

  1. Be fair to all of your staff. I cannot stand favoritism, especially in the work place.  Any boss who blatantly favors one employee over another needs to be bitch slapped.  I always feel warm and fuzzy when the boss is saying how so and so should be cloned because they are so flipping wonderful. Really? Who says crap like that to their staff? Oh wait, that would be a rotten boss, oh never mind.
  2. Upper management really needs to get a clue. If your customers, employees, etc., complain about a boss’s horrid behavior, you need to take note.  It’s expensive to train people, and good workers are hard to come by. It’s especially galling when upper management (owner level) witness firsthand the terrible behavior and chose to do nothing. And they wonder why they have a huge employee turnover.
  3. Do right by your staff. The last time I managed others, I was promoted after the VP of finance was fired.  The accounting person had been working her butt off for the last five years for this company. But she had only gotten one raise.  The first thing I did was get her $1.50 an hour increase.  It was difficult because management thought she was being paid accordingly.  She most certainly was not.  This person had been through many management changes and was constantly having her workload increased. By the time I left that position two years later, I had gotten her hourly rate increased by $3.50 per hour.  She was a hard worker, and made my job easier.
  4. Do realize you are no better than the people you manage. I always tell my staff in the beginning that I’m no better than they are; I just have more education and experience. People really do appreciate that honesty.  If you work well for me, I’ll do everything in my power to help you.
  5. Never raise your voice to your staff. Once your voice goes up, the person will tune you out.  If you have a problem employee, work with them. They are not your children to be yelled at.  It doesn’t work.
  6. Your staff can hurt you. If you treat them poorly, do you really think they give a fig about what happens to you? Come down off your high horse, and just be a decent human being.
  7. Last but not least, be decent to everyone. I’ve always made it my policy to be nice to everyone in the company.  You never know when they might be your boss at your next job.


2 thoughts on “How not to be a rotten boss-by a former boss-Part two

  1. These are great ‘Dos’ and ‘Don’ts’ but can we become great bosses by merely following these and similar advice?

    To me. a boss is a leader and leadership is really about exercising it intuitively as a natural self expression. So how could we develop such an intuition? I believe we could do that by grounding ourselves into certain foundational elements viz.

    * Integrity
    * Authenticity
    * Be passionate about something bigger than your own self.
    * Be Cause in the matter.


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