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Stranger Danger on the internet

This is really important info if you have kids at home.


strangers on the internet

The internet is a great source for children if used correctly there is a lot of educational material available to them as well as learning tools. Unfortunately there are also those that troll the internet looking for young people to victimize. They should never be on the internet on their own unsupervised. Computers should be in the family room not in a bedroom where they can contact anyone that they happen across. You don’t let your children call random strangers on the phone or talk to anyone they meet without you being there why should the internet be any different.

Unsupervised children also can become victims of cyber bullies either from school or chat rooms, groups or clubs they join on line. If they are and it goes undetected the results can be tragic. Talk to your kids find out what they are doing online. Join the same groups they…

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