Archive | January 18, 2015

Quick hair styling tip

When styling your day after hair, instead of adding more styling product, simply mist your hair with water.  This will reactivate the product you already have on.  This only works if you are using heat on your hair. Otherwise you will just end up with a wet head.

Suave Professionals Volumizing Mousse-Review

This a great mousse if you have fine, curly hair.  I’ve been using it for several months and have seen a big difference in how full my hair looks.  I can wear my hair naturally curly, and it’s not frizzy at all.  Best part it’s only $2.88 at Wal-Mart.  I’ve tried so many mousses over the years, and this is by far the best.

Suave Professional Volumizing Mousse 1-17-15.jpg-1-17-15 Me

A retouched photo, only because the original was too dark. And I seemed to have lost an eyebrow in the process.