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The Benefits of Argan Oil ~ Plus Giveaway!

Great article on Argan oil. Lots of good information. Thanks Victoria 🙂

Living Disrobed

Argan Oil

Argan Oil. To use or not to use :/ …But I have oily skin, why would I add MORE oil to an already slick face? Will it clog my pores? What are the benefits? Let’s get educated on the subject shale we…

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Ok, that picture is creepier than shit! I may have nightmares!

Tome and Tomb

The Boy should make one helluvah Joker.

After all he began his career with matricide.

Of course I don’t believe for a second that his mom was his first rodeo. To be a kid like that you gotta practice first. He wore out a few saddles before he got around to her.

Of course if anybody in Gotham had any sense at all they’d kill him right now.

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