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I’m feeling Hot Hot Hot!

I would readily trade hot for all of the cold and snow we’re having here in the Midwest.


It’s the weekend, and with the cyclones bashing the coast late this week, we are being followed up with a heat wave.  No joke, its absolutely freaking HOT!  Got in my car to go down to the local golf club and the inside of my car was like a sauna.  The steering wheel had me driving with my finger tips, and my seat belt????  Okay, that was pure torture to try and put on.  It’s now 37 degrees Celsius, but if you ask me it feels more like 45!

So now I am back and in my air conditioned room, with a cold beer…(yes, nothing is better than a cold beer), and back at writing again.  Too hot to do anything else.

Might go down the local pool later.  Yeah.


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