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Pundits with Opinions on older women.

Amen to that Gale! Thanks for sharing!


Women over 50

Just a couple of “older” women from a magazine article. SEXY!

Ever seen Helen Mirren in a bathing suit??

What is this crap about what women over 50 shouldn’t wear? Are we all supposed to wear flowered dresses and orthopedic shoes?? Really? Come on now. I never see any articles about what not to wear when you are UNDER 50. Why is that? Women over 50 today are sophisticated, trendy and beautiful. Wear what the hell you like. I love this article take a minute to read it if you are over 50 it will give you a laugh and you out there under 50 well one day perhaps you will be as self respecting and as confident as some of us are. Until then you wear what you like and I will wear what I damn please.

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