Archive | April 13, 2015

Heart Attack Grill-Las Vegas, Nevada

On a recent trip to Las Vegas, we came across this restaurant on Fremont Street.  I recognized the place from a travel show I saw awhile back.  They boast about having a 20,000 calorie hamburger. Our hotel was two blocks away, so we walked past this place numerous times during our stay.  There is a huge sign on the front saying if you weigh 350 pounds, you eat for free. Now mind you there is an industrial size scale in front of this place.  We saw countless folks hopping on the scale which had huge neon letters with your weight for the world to see. OMG! If you have ever been to Las Vegas, you have to check out the “old” Las Vegas Fremont Street Experience. What a freak show.  If I was visiting from another country and seeing Americans for the first time, I would think most are ginormous slobs, judging by the people we saw on Fremont Street.

Lots of people go to Las Vegas to gamble, and eat and drink excessively. That’s cool, but my husband and I and our son went because it’s a cheap place to fly into, and hotels are dirt cheap.  We only stayed for three days.  We started our trip by staying at Death Valley National park in California. Wow, talk about a culture shock.  There are only three hotels in the entire Death Valley Park.  It wasn’t crowded, and we didn’t see drunken fools everywhere.

This was our second trip to Vegas, and will be our last.  Everything there is so fake. The malls in the casinos haveHeart Attack Grill Signage 3 Heart Attack Grill-Vegas 2015 ceilings painted to look like clouds, so you think you are outside.  I’ll take a hike in the mountains any day.