Women’s Health Week – The progresson of Osteoporosis over 50.

I am currently involved in a year long medical study for osteoporosis. My mother had the disease and shrunk five inches in just a few years. She really wasn’t hunched over, her spine was basically collapsing. She was in a lot of pain and became hooked on pain medication.

Here is a link to the study I’m participating in. http://striving.cloudapp.net/index.php/site/purpose_of_study

If I can prevent just one person from getting this awful disease, I will be very happy indeed!

2 thoughts on “Women’s Health Week – The progresson of Osteoporosis over 50.

    • Thanks! It’s been fairly easy, as the testing is for an app that sends texts reminding you to up your calcium and activity levels. 300 women are participating in the study, and I know I have increased my calcium as a result of being in the study. Thanks for the kind words.

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