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10 Things You Should Know About Pedicures

Great pedicure tips! Thanks for sharing Style Domination!

Style Domination

I love myself a good pedicure at a calm, beautiful spa.  There is nothing like slipping your tired, beaten feet into a scented tub of warm water followed by a heavenly foot massage.  Top that off with having someone else paint your toenails so you don’t have to contort yourself into a pretzel to do so yourself…I’m in 7th heaven!

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Not all spas are clean and peaceful havens. Here in Canada, spas and salons are not closely regulated, therefore leaving precautions to be taken by the patrons themselves.  Many of the spas I’ve frequented are very clean and take sterilization seriously, but we all know that not all spas are created equal.

Read on to learn some tips on protecting yourself while having a pedi – some lessons learned that I have picked up over the years as a former esthetician. And ladies, don’t read this and get…

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Gun control laws do work.

The gun violence in the US just has to stop. Too many innocent people’s lives being destroyed.


I don’t normally speak out about my views on gun control, but the most recent shooting in the US just has me wondering why the US government can’t enforce tougher gun laws.  Surely, the public has the right to be able to go and enjoy a simple outing like a trip to the movies without the threat of being shot and killed.  Gun control laws work.  They have worked here in Australia since the Port Arthur massacre; a tragedy that rocked the nation to its core, and led to the changing of laws in gun ownership and the gun buy back scheme.  In this video, by John Oliver, who investigates the reason for the lack of better governing of the laws in owning and storing of guns as well as why there aren’t enough stringent back ground checks on those that wish to purchase them.  It shows quite clearly just…

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Law of attraction

Great post! It feels really good to help others. I know from experience the gratitude others feel when you help them without expecting anything in return.

You Know it’s Really Hot When……………………………………….

You go to a baseball game with your co-workers and it’s 90 degrees out.  You finally decide to go to the bathroom after three beers, and to your horror, your crotchal  region ( I know that’s not a word) is soaked! I mean it looks like I pissed myself.  I was wearing chambray shorts, and not only was my crotch drenched, but myPeed soaked shorts 7-17-15 booty as well!  Good thing for me all my co-workers were drunk! Yikes!

Stay On Track

Orlando Espinosa

You know you’re on the right track when you become unshaken by the events going on around you. No matter the obstacles you face, no matter who gets in your way, make sure you stay on track! Don’t get off the track before you reach your destination!stay-on track-orlando espinosa

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