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Law of attraction

Great post! It feels really good to help others. I know from experience the gratitude others feel when you help them without expecting anything in return.

Dream Big, Dream Often

Selfishness attracts negativity, giving attracts positivity.  I am not sure if you have ever heard of the concept of Law of Attraction, but in short it is the concept that positive thoughts attractive positivity to your life and negative thinking attracts negativity to your life.

When I speak about changing your mind in order to change your life, this is the concept to which I refer.  I did not realize the power of this concept until I changed my thinking and began to focus on being positive.  When I did this my entire view of the world changed and positive things began to happen in my life.


I have a recommendation for all my readers: start today practicing charity.  Go and find an organization and volunteer your time for one night per week.  Give to the homeless man begging for change.  Take your extra clothing to a shelter.  The…

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