Me and Matt Damon

So I went and saw “The Martian” film this weekend starring Matt Damon.  I’ve been a big fan of his ever since Good Will Hunting.

Anywho, I was having a lovely dream about Mr. Damon last night, and right before things got interesting, I was bolted awake by the sound of my dog puking. Damn you dog all to hell! I was THIS close to doing the horizontal bop with handsome Matt Damon, and you woke me the hell up!

I can usually go back to sleep and pick up where I left off in my dream. It was not to be, the alarm went off next. DAMN! I hit the snooze button, I’m coming back for you Matt, please don’t start without me. I was THIS close to making beautiful Matt Damon Matt Damonbabies. THIS close I tell you. Damn alarm went off AGAIN. Oh crap! I guess that ain’t happening. Meh!


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