Ulta chuckle for the day!

I volunteer for a local organization teaching financial literacy to high school students.  This past Friday I was teaching a new group of kids about savings accounts versus investing. I do a slide presentation which had saving vs. investing on one slide.  The class was all boys except one very disinterested girl.

I told the boys I had recently purchased stock myself for the first time.  On the slide were the usual suspects for American investors-Apple, Google, Microsoft, etc. I told the boys I did a lot of research before buying the stock, having been a customer of the company for over ten years, etc. Also after only owning the stock for a short while, I had made money.  While a few of the kids tried guessing what I purchased, I finally told them that I had purchased Ulta stock.

One boy piped up and said “My sister works at Ulta, and she’s not pretty at all.”  I was trying so hard not to laugh, as I told this boy that you don’t have to be pretty to sell make up.  Kids!ulta_social_logo 1-10-16

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