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10 Lies You Tell Yourself That Keep You From Your Goals

Great post! Lots to think about.

Dream Big, Dream Often

Here is a list of 10 lies you tell yourself that keep you from your goals:

1.  I am too old/it is too late.  It is never too late to do the right thing and it is never too late to chase your dreams!  The longer you procrastinate the older you will be when you begin…so begin now. Lots of people look back on life with regrets…don’t be one of those people.

2.  I need to save up money.  I can say this is at the top of most people’s excuse/lie list.  You can create “extra” money right now if you eliminate lots of unnecessary spending: Starbucks, cable tv, satellite radio, expensive or multiple car payments, etc.  You don’t need more money, you need a better budget!

3.  It’s safer to work for someone else if I am not interested in owning my own business.  I guess that is one…

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Sephora Birthday Freebie

Got this free from Sephora for being a beauty rewards member.  I had three things to choose from. While it’s always great to get free stuff, this cleanser really dried out my skin. I’m not even going to bother with the face mask, it’s rose scented which is not my favorite.  Oh well, can’t win them all.

This will going to my teenage niece.



Wet n Wild Megaglo Illuminating Palette Review

Can I just say it’s freezing ass cold here in Wisconsin.  This past Sunday, after my visit with Marv (the elderly gentleman I visit every Sunday), I stopped at my local Walgreens.  Coupons in hand from the Sunday paper, and the Walgreens store ad, I headed for the Wet n Wild section.  I’ve used Wet N Wild products many times over the years, but lately they have really upped their game.

I bought the new Megaglo Illuminating Palette in Catwalk Pink. It has four colors, two shades of gold, a rosy peach, and a pinky ivory color.  All shimmery, all wonderful.  I couldn’t wait until I got home to try it, so I slapped some on in the car.  Wow! I love it!  This was my third stop of the day, and the temperature was a whopping -4 below with a  wicked wind chill.  I needed something to make me think that it might be warm someday.  I never put blush on with my fingers, but thought, what the hell???

This lovely palette was $4.99, but I had $2 in coupons. What a deal!  Once I put it on with a brush for work yesterday, it looked even better.

You will have to excuse this photo, as I barely have any makeup on.  But I like photos in natural light.  Being in the car outside Walgreens is about as natural as you can get.

If you are feeling the bite of winter, this palette by Wet N Wild will warm you right up!

P.S. Sorry the photos are sideways, I don’t know what happened.

P.P.S. My lip color is my own tinted lip balm I made.