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52 Motivational Quotes From Martin Luther King, Jr — INDIHOPE

Truly a great man.  One of America’s finest in my opinion.

Martin Luther King, Jr ( Born January 15, 1929 ) in Atlanta, Georgia ( Died April 4, 1929 ) Memphis, Tennessee, United States, was a Baptist minister and social activist, and the leader of the civil rights moments in the United States. Kings legacy is in his non-violence moments, he was also awarded Nobel peace…

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Please help save Upton’s Dogs

This is a situation that is happening in my home town of Indianapolis, Indiana.  This business owners dogs were seized from him by the IACC shelter under nefarious circumstances.  This gentleman is 70 years old, and never had issues with the care he was giving his dogs.  Now the local government is holding his dog’s hostage while extorting over $6,000 a month for their care.   Some of Mr. Upton’s dogs have been killed.  This is beyond despicable. Please donate if you can.

I have two rescue dogs, and wish I could save them all.  This man deserves to have his dogs returned to him.

I just rallied in Indianapolis last weekend for women’s rights.  I don’t know what the hell is happening in my home state, but if you are a animal lover, please spread the word.

Thank you.

Update-Please join us on 4-9-16

This is happening in my home state.  My 19 year old niece asked me to attend this rally with her, as her mother died when she was six.  I’m traveling five hours to stand up for women in my home state of Indiana.  Please share this, as the world needs to know how backwards the state of Indiana is.  I actually went to dance school with Brian Bosma when I was a kid. He is the Speaker of the House in Indianapolis. and one of the politicians who signed off on this bill.  I am ashamed to be a Hoosier right now.

Here is a little more info as to why this is so important to me.

My niece Macy lost her mother at six when she was killed by a drunk driver. Her mom, Joanne Wilson was a ER nurse at St. Vincent’s hospital in Indianapolis, Ind. My brother never remarried, so my dear niece grew up without a mother. I do what I can, but living three hundred miles away makes it difficult. Macy wants to be a nurse just like her mom. Joanne co-founded the Center of Hope program which aids victims of sexual assault. I’ve attached her bio that her brother Mark has on his website. Joanne was the kindest, most loving person I have ever known. She would give you the shirt off her back.

I was lucky enough to have Joanne in my life for over twenty years.  We were very close. When she died, her death benefited over 200 people.  I didn’t know you could donate so much of your body, but Joanne was a nurse, and she cared so deeply for others.

Her daughter is interested in Forensic nursing, just like her mother. I couldn’t be more proud of Macy, and I’m participating in this rally in memory of my dear sister-in law.

Thank you.Women's Rights Rally Indy 4-9-16-updated