Fat Free Friday! — But I Smile Anyway…

Here’s to all of us tryin to shift those lbs… Ok so it’s friday! Since the day I made an executive decision that I need to lose so over this early spare lbs, I have been pretty good… (Apart from a chocolate bar on the first day,and a huge bowl,of ice cream on the […]

via Fat Free Friday! — But I Smile Anyway…

12 thoughts on “Fat Free Friday! — But I Smile Anyway…

      • I worked at an advertising agency years ago, and Ghirardelli was one of our clients. We always had chocolate around, and I promptly gained 10 pounds my first year there. Have you tried any of the Ghirardelli brownie mixes? They are amazing.

      • I found photos of the Ghirardelli outlet store online…and nearly wept.

        I’m a real stickler for making things from scratch but when I do, I use Ghirardelli cocoa powder. It’s often a bitch to find but for me, it’s that or nothing. Ghirardelli actually won awards for how awesome it is in a brownie. Of course, I add bourbon….

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