Costa Rica Dreaming

Happy Labor Day!  My husband and I are going to Costa Rica and Panama for ten days in a few weeks.  We are beyond excited, as this will be our first vacation alone in years.

We first traveled to Costa Rica in 2013.  We visited the Arenal region and the northwestern Pacific coast.  Costa Rica is so beautiful, and the people are fabulous.

I’ve been trying like crazy to get back in shape, but it’s very slow going. I started working with a personal trainer a few weeks go.  She is awesome, as she comes to my home.  She has created two personalized workouts for me, and I am totally digging it.

I’ve trimmed down a bit, but having some health issues, I haven’t been able to work out as much as I would like too. That being said, I went shopping today for some new frocks.

I found this Jennifer Lopez dress at Kohl’s on clearance. Regular price was $70,  I paid $14 bucks!  It’s so fun and colorful!  It has a blue slip underneath, and rhinestones around the neck.  It comes to me knees and is very caftan like. I know I probably look like I should be on  cruise ship with the 70 and over crowd. But who cares!  I just had to have this dress!

My husband says I look like a hippie.  Works for me.  Now hopefully I’ll be able to squeeze into my shorts from last summer, wish me luck.  I need a tropical drink with a little umbrella in it!

Panama hotel on the water

This is our hotel in Panama! 

P.S.  If anyone can recommend some fun stuff to do on the Southeastern coast of Costa Rica, please let me know.  Thanks!

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