31 thoughts on “Once You Decide — Orlando Espinosa

  1. How true is that quote..
    I’m generally of a happy nature..

    And I really can’t deal with miserable people..
    I find I can never understand there reasons behind their misery.

  2. Indeed… I always thought it was a selfish thing to do… But if my happiness wouldn’t count for those close to me, am I than as important to them as I’d initially thought? It still remains a reflex to set myself aside for others. It is a daily choice, being happy.

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  4. You are wonderful. Thank you for following me, I sincerely and whole heartedly appreciate you for that. I love this post by the way, I firmly believe that we don’t struggle our way to happiness…the two aren’t even on the same path. We are suppose to “happiness” our way to happiness haha! We can be happy if we choose to be, and we don’t even need a reason. Sending positive vibes your way on this beautiful day. Thank you for sharing this. Peace and love to you.

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