Color Correcting Concealers — My Ageless Elegance

Great post about which color correcting, and which colors are the best for your skin tone.

I started wearing makeup decades ago. I only recall concealer coming in various skin tone shades to cover dark circles and other flaws. Today, there are concealers in multiple colors, each with a specific job. Let’s take the time to gain some understanding about color correcting concealers and how they work. Very few of us have […]

via Color Correcting Concealers — My Ageless Elegance

3 thoughts on “Color Correcting Concealers — My Ageless Elegance

  1. I’m completely fascinated and intrigued by color correctors. Although I swear by Bare Minerals “Well Rested” (I left it off my best of 2016 list because it has been a best of for me for many years) to rid of the darkness in between my eyes and nose, I am dying to know more about color correctors. Thanks for the introduction!!!

    • Glad you enjoyed it. I use very little make up, mostly just concealer under my eyes and on my nose. I take really good care of my skin. I like BB creams too. I think as we get older, less is better than more. Of course I can’t go without makeup as I would scare small children and animals. LOL!

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