The Wall, the wall, which Mexico is going to pay for. Ha flipping ha!

Right, when monkeys fly out of my ass! Really, don’t we have more important things to do in our country, you know like prepare for the Russians to take over.

Republicans have decided that they are prepared to spend billions to build the “big, beautiful wall” that Trump promised on the southern border. When it comes to investing in our children and our future, there is no more money. But when Trump promised to build a wall across the southern border, which he […]

via Republicans Prepared to Spend Billions for Trump’s Wall on Southern Border — Diane Ravitch’s blog

18 thoughts on “The Wall, the wall, which Mexico is going to pay for. Ha flipping ha!

  1. Well, tRump has said, “Mexico will reimburse us later.” Yeah. Right. Let’s not spend 10 billion on health care or our infrastructure but on a fucking wall that’s idiotic and unneeded. I hate tRump, and I hate the Republican whipping boys who follow all he says. What a sick, twisted country we’ve become. Ugh!

  2. Wouldn’t it just be easier to build a massive great thick wall (with not entrances or exits) around the White House once Trump is safely inside?

  3. Coming for the UK, we are still shocked about Trump’s election (although most us didn’t want Brexit either). We have so many good wishes for the (larger amount of voters!!) who are worried. 💛

  4. Great Post. Gonna cost billions to maintenance a “Big Beautiful Wall”, more than the actual cost of building it in the first place. I am new here btw.. Thanks for sharing

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