What to Expect When You’re Aging

OMG! This lady and I were twins separated at birth! Great age related post!

Women Over 50

screen-shot-2016-10-12-at-10-54-54-am My lovely mother, Trudy.

I turned into my mother yesterday. It’s good because Mom was fun, neurotic and beautiful until the day she died. It’s bad because at the age of 55, I became . . . gasp . . . a youthful senior citizen. It’s been looming for awhile, this thing called old age:  worsening eyesight, wrinkles, diminishing physical ability. But yesterday, my intermittent knee pain hit with a vengeance while it was raining. Dear God, I’ve gotten to the point where I can predict the weather with my arthritic knees. I remember my mother talking about rain as she flexed stubby gnarled fingers. I would listen half-heartedly, mildly amused, a little grossed out. And now, sadly, it’s me.

There are a lot of awful, yet fairly universal, things that happen as you age. Since doctor’s don’t hand out pamphlets on what to expect, although they should – Dip…

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11 thoughts on “What to Expect When You’re Aging

  1. I’m 61. These days proper blood circulation comes at a premium. I wake up, gently slide to the edge of my bed, say thanks for my blessings, and then start rubbing my hands, elbows, and wrists like crazy to stimulate better circulation. I’m thankful that ample blood is still flowing to my brain. Otherwise, my memory would be askew, and my behavior would be all over the place. I could pray for relief in all other areas of my body. Then I realize that just being alive to feel anything IS the relief!!!

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