Liar, liar pants on fire-Betsy DeVos-just one of the many dipsticks on the new cabinet in the United States.

Oh, man we are so screwed!  Pretty much every one on this new cabinet is incompetent. Please let this four years go by fast, and hopefully we will all be alive still, and have some of our retirement money left.


Betsy DeVos was asked during her Senate hearing whether her mother’s foundation had funded the anti-gay Focus on the Family and the Family Research Council.she claimed ignorance and insisted that her mother made her own decisions; besides, she insisted, she was not a member of the board of her mother’s foundation. Interviewed on “Democracy […]

via Democracy Now: Did Betsy DeVos Lie to the Senate Committee? — Diane Ravitch’s blog

20 thoughts on “Liar, liar pants on fire-Betsy DeVos-just one of the many dipsticks on the new cabinet in the United States.

  1. Just when you think you can’t be anymore stunned…the never ending “I CAN’T BELIEVE THIS IS HAPPENING” or the “YOU GOTTA BE KIDDING ME” moments just keep coming!

  2. It seems the only qualification tRumps people are looking for is a wish by the nominee to destroy the very agency that they are to run. As far as Betsy DeVos is concerned she wants to destroy public schools and almost has in her home state. She has managed to get laws past in her state that take money , much need taxpayer money, from public schools and then gives that money to private and church schools. She has been instrumental in getting the voucher system set up in her home state. She also pushed for and got charter schools with almost no accountability and requirements. Some of the charter schools have been found to be nothing more than scams to funnel money from the taxpayer in to personal private accounts of the administrators of the charter school. She and her family, along with the fundamentalist religious organizations her family sponsors, want to force their religion into the public schools regardless of the parents religious views or the federal laws. These groups have worked with her to force the teaching of intelligent design, which is code words for creationism, and to dilute and stop the teaching of sciences. They push that god and the bible have all the science children need to know. So they basically want obedient little god soldiers taught indoctrination in their religious faith to the execution of all else. As this wouldn’t pass federal laws on separation of church and state, you can see why she presses for the end of public schools and all schools to be private religious schools or if need be charter schools that can teach what she and her fellows desire. I watched her confirmation hearing and it was terrifying how little she knew of public school debate, financing, programs, and federal laws. She hedged and tried hard to hide her real goals but they basically came out. It is scary. Hugs

  3. You know, immediately after the election I became so disenchanted by all the venom being spewed from both sides the I distanced myself from the daily political media. The one time having visual issues are in handy for lack of a better word. I was appalled about the plagiarism by Monica Crowley and thrilled that she backed out from her new role with the National Security Council. Plagiarism & security…hmmmm. However I absolutely cannot stomach son-in-law Jared Kushner and even though I saw his role in the WH coming, I didn’t want to admit it. He’s a real estate mogul with his dear pops, a convicted felon. Before moving to Maine I hailed from the NY/NJ area so I’m very familiar with Charles Kushner and the money laundering, family betrayal that he was involved in and sent to prison for. As soon as I saw Gov Christie pushed out of a role in the TT (he prosecuted Pops Kushner), I knew that not only was Jared settling scores but that he was going to be a major part of the TT. My next question is ~ why will Ivanka publicly take a role?

    By the way CC, want you to know that I cleaned out my makeup the other day because of your post. I have pneumonia (so much for getting the %^^% vaccine) so just piddling around house. I actually took photos & will make a post one day after eye repair. I did hold on to ONE old thing even though I’ve never used it; a tube of lipstick. Lipstick was my trademark followed by eyeshadow but I had to stop wearing it after I developed skin cancer of lips. The treatment left the lip skin sensitive so the dyes in lipstick irritate them. The lipstick I held on to was my favorite shade and I bought it in ~ wait for it, 1998! hahahahah

    • So sorry to hear you are sick. Wow, I can’t imagine having skin cancer on my lips. I’m glad my post made you clean out your make up. I think it’s safe to say your lipstick from 1998 is rancid. Can you wear anything on your lips besides balm? Thanks for the link. I don’t get it either why Ivanka needs to have a role, but then again none of this makes sense. I ‘m worried and have been sick since the election. My husband keeps telling me that we will be okay, but when you have a toddler with a gun in charge of the nuclear codes, you can’t help being afraid.

      • I liked (past tense) DT when he was merely a businessman in the city. He made promises to NJ if state allowed casinos and he kept them. The senior citizens benefitted greatly. But that was then.
        Skin cancer on lips is sort of funny only because I’m OCD about the sun & wear sunscreen 365 days/yr. Occasionally I’ll wear a Clinique or Michael Korrs colored balm but just for a few hours. Took me forever to find a plain balm that didn’t bother lips (boy did I spend $ trying different ones). I can us Kiehls or Burts Bees and usually wear Burts because easier to buy. Even then, only one – shea butter. The other BB bother me.
        As for Ivanka, that’s just speculation on my part. She has always been apple of his eye. I have a story to tell but can’t see well on iPad. I’ll log on Mac. It’s a funny one indirectly about DT.

  4. I watched clips of the hearing and oh my gosh… it’s alarming. That stupid smug smile of hers. She knew she didn’t have to answer ANY of the questions and would still be voted in. Literally anyone on the street is more qualified than her! I’m so sorry this is happening in your country.

  5. I lived 20 mils from Atlantic City but only went to a casino if family from North Jersey came to visit. The casinos had two types of “professional” women. The first type belonged with the fleas, the name given by Security to addicts, homeless etc. My neighbor was Security and told me how it was part of their job to escort fleas out of the casino. One time I was down there with two of my relatives, both mid-sixties. They were sitting in front of slot machines playing and I was standing people watching. All of a sudden my one relative tapped my arm and said “LOOK! Look at that blonde lady!!! She looks rich but her gaudy clothes and tacky jewelry give her away. She’s one of those high class hookers” . I almost fell out because it was Ivana Trump, his first wife!!! She actually could have passed as a “high class hooker” – at least that day…

      • She looked like one really. Did you watch the inauguration. Hubby turned it on and I was ok with it till I saw Jared Kushner up there. Then I got a headache, stomachache, my hair ballooned out like an Afro and my uterus fell out. Yeah, was a rough 10 minutes. Think I’m going to need intensive psychotherapy for the next 4 years just to get through the son in law let alone the Trumpster. I have avoided Twitter because I can’t stand all the vitriolic comments about President Obama and his wife. I actually cried when they left on the plane.

  6. But playing devil’s advocate, I disagree with the violence being carried out by protesters. Shattering the glass windows in Starbucks and setting cars on fire help your cause how? I’m all for protests but not the mob mentality violence.

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