Sad in America

Lucky Otter nails it exactly how many of us here in the United States are feeling right now. We are scared. I’ve never been this scared , and I’m 58 and have seen a lot of bad things in my life.  I’ve taken my existence in the U.S. for granted , never did I think I would see someone like this in power. He is truly frightening as are many in the government.  Everyday it’s something, and it’s only been a week.


But it is. I’m talking about the increasing feeling of unreality and foreboding under this new administration, run by a sociopath that even ten years ago wouldn’t have had a snowball’s chance in hell of becoming president. I sat, frozen in horror on election night, as I watched more and more states turned red, even […]

via “This could never happen in America.” — Lucky Otters Haven

24 thoughts on “Sad in America

  1. What i find amazing is that Michael Moore foresaw Trump’s rise to power and predicted his victory, tried everything in his power to warn the DNC not to get complacent in this critical election. MM’s vision just blew my mind, but he does offer plan of action to counter the Trump administration. I highly recommend a read:

    I also signed up for an important webinar outlining Trump’s future, and global consequences we all face. WILL TRUMP SURVIVE HIS FIRST TERM?

    I believe we should all be proactive and diligent of the changes imposed from the new administration. We all have control over our own lives, if that means moving abroad, educating ourselves, or mounting resistance to injustices of this world… we must take action.
    Hoping for the best, but always prepare for the worse.

    Good Luck!

    • A sociopath who happens to be the leader of the free world. It’s amazing what turmoil he has caused in his first week! Good thing I have to take meds to sleep, otherwise I would be a walking zombie.

  2. I’m more frightened than I’ve ever been. And to those that say we should give him a chance, he’s already gotten it and failed miserably. He lies in the face of incontrovertible truths, so what makes anyone believe he won’t lie about everything?

  3. Every day that this evil, evil, filthy pig is in office I wake up and say “Aujour’hui ma vie c’est d’la merde”. Every. Single. Day. And it will be my mantra for the next four years.

  4. I feel terrified, too. Just wait til some terrorist group bombs one of his hotels, and they will. The bombs are gonna be falling everywhere. Anyone who looks at what this mentally ill, spoiled rotten, whining infant has done in just a week, and thinks, “Oh, it’s the media. Just give the baby time,” is an idiot, a blind idiot who’s helped this monster gain the power he has. It’s just too bad that everyone else has to suffer due to the stupidity of the assholes who voted for this creature.

  5. I just watched some of the hearings for confirming our possible head of education. It was incredible! And then a satire about T signing all of these executive orders test may or may not how through? It is truly unbelievable.

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