Pajama Jeans-when you have just given up!

Happy Monday! So like many menopausal women, my body has changed. I lost almost 60 pounds seven years ago.  The weight has crept back on as the years have gone by.  I kept 40 pounds off for five years. It took a lot of work, but I felt I looked pretty good for my age.  Well the last two years, fifteen pounds have found their way back to my butt.

I’m a big Goodwill shopper, and bought several pairs of jeans last Summer. Not in my ideal size, but I couldn’t squeeze my fat butt into my size 14’s any longer. Wah! My intention was to make all of these jeans into shorts, as I certainly wasn’t going to be in this size for very long.

Let me tell you, losing weight and keeping it off when you are older is excruciating.  I’m back on my exercise size plan, but having bad feet makes it difficult.  I used our treadmill for years, which allowed me to keep the weight off.  Now I’m using a recumbent bike.  I’m going an hour a day now, so hopefully I’ll see some progress by the Summer.

The jeans from last Summer have gotten a bit tight, so off to Goodwill to go up yet another size. I thought I was done shopping in the plus size section for life. Nope! Feeling very sorry for myself, I came across some Pajama Jeans for $5.  I remember when they first came out, and I thought they were hideous.  OMG! They are so comfortable. I got boot cut in dark blue denim. I’m only planning on wearing them a short while, while I try to get a smaller ass.  They actually don’t look half bad.  I can wear jeans to work, and having the smaller ones fold over at the top is not a good look.  Lucky for me I’m tall.

I honestly never thought I would be this size again.  The funny thing is I see so many young women who are bigger than me wearing skinny jeans. I can’t imagine they would be comfortable. Even if I had the body, they won’t be in my closet any time soon. I’m a boot cut gal all the way.

While I don’t plan on wearing my pajama jeans to sleep in, at least they will help to hide my ever expanding ass!

Pajama Jeans 4-10-17


52 thoughts on “Pajama Jeans-when you have just given up!

  1. Sympathise with the weight issue. I’ve plateaued at the moment, and don’t anticipate getting my three stone certificate tonight before I’m off for a fortnight for a good workout operating locks on rivers and canals! My size 16 jeans can be removed without unzipping and I can get into a 4 for the first time since school. Sizes in the shops mean nothing though. Wear what’s comfy, and if you like, cut the labels out!!

    • Thanks for the encouragement! I’m big boned, so even when I was wearing a size 10, after I lost all the weight, my face looked gaunt. Not a good look for a middle aged woman. I’ll be happy to be in a size 12. I’m tall also, so being a single digit size will never work for me. Good for you though! It’s so hard to lose weight when you are older.

      • Isn’t that weird how our bodies shift? I’ve been in menopause for eight years, and my gut has gotten out of control. I use to have an hourglass shape. Now it’s more apple, and I don’t like it one bit.

      • I feeel as if I went through the menopause since I was 35 so was well chuffed to finally have it all over and done with by 2010. Now my post cancer medication is the menopause in a box and the hot flushes are back with me!

      • I agree about sizes. A good fit is most important regardless of number on the tag. Losing weight & then maintaining the loss are challenging. I am 5’3 and just a pound or two extra shows up around my waist. At least I am healthy and able to lead a happy life.
        Nice post.😊

      • Thanks! It is all about being healthy for sure. My weight is evenly distributed for the most part. I do want my hourglass shape back. My husband does all the cooking at our house, if it was up to me, we would be eating salads every night!

  2. Great post! I was born & raised in urban areas where mass transit and walking was the lifestyle so never really worked at exercising. Moved to rural Maine & gained 20# in a snap despite walking all day as a nurse. Realized spending so much time driving was the culprit so took up hiking. Lost the 20# and felt good about my body. End of 2015 had eye surgery gone wrong and by March 2016 could no longer see the floor in my own house! Took till early 2017 to have corrective surgery but I literally sat most of 2016 because I was always falling over a dog toy etc. Gained 26#, clothes don’t fit so hit Goodwill as well. Only got a few things but since I wasn’t working it was ok. As of late Feb 2017 I got my vision back so trying to gradually increase walking. You’re right; it’s harder as we get older. Glad I’m not the only one with the “Body Blues”. Although in all honesty I’ve had jiggly thighs since a young teen. Played hockey, soccer but the Jello Thighs never firmed up. Briefly considered thigh reduction but not for me. Great post! Love your outlook.

    • Thanks! So glad to hear you got your vision back. I know we’ve chatted before. It is a constant struggle. I like my beer on the weekends, and life is too short not to eat food you enjoy. I just have to exercise every day. I’ve been doing a hour a day on my recumbent bike, and have actually lost a few pounds. It’s a constant struggle for sure.

  3. I hear you on the weight thing. And now that I’m sixty it seems to be distributed differently. I lose weight, but only my breasts are shrinking. C’mon!

  4. Run! Walk! It’s hard at first but anything you do regularly will pay off!!! And drink LOTS of water!!!!

  5. Oh my gosh I could have written this except for the losing 60 pounds part. I wish. Every day thinking about weight is sooooo frustrating. I wish all that thinking burned more calories. Good luck. And thanks for the follow. I look forward to reading more from you.

    • Thanks so much. I’ve actually ramped up my exercise routine, being that I’m riding my recumbent bike for an hour a day, every day. I’m finally seeing some results. I’ve lost five pounds in two weeks. Only 35 more to go to get to my goal. I’m back to keeping a daily food journal as well. I did it for years, and just stopped a year ago. It really does make you realize what you are eating. I just want my clothes to fit better. I’ll never be skinny, and I’m fine with that. I don’t want to be one of those women who are middle aged and super skinny, and usually very wrinkled.

  6. Wish you a beautiful lovely blessed Easter. 🙏. May source shower on you unlimited love and countless smiles and happiness and joy and light each moment.

  7. They look super comfortable! I miss bootcut jeans. It seems like all they sell these days are skinny jeans. I wear them myself but it would be nice for different (and comfortable) styles to become fashionable again!

    • They are. I do see a lot of women wearing skinny jeans. They don’t look good on me. I’ve always been of the mindset that if it doesn’t look good on, I’m not wearing it. I’ll never be fully in style, but you won’t look at me and think, wow, 1987 called and wants their clothes back! LOL!

  8. I’d never heard of those. I do wear leggings though, and I have one pair that’s supposed to look like jeans. I always wore bell bottoms (or boot cut). I grew up in the 60’s. Now I wear skinny pants proudly. I no longer care what people think. I’m 5’9″ and overweight but my legs are thin. At 58 I also have found it impossible to keep the weight off so I go for comfort now. I wear leggings or capris with oversized rock band t-shirts.

  9. I am in a similar predicament and bought a pair of Genie legging/jeans. They are really comfortable and very flattering. My bras are also less exciting than they used to be…

  10. Haha! I love your blog, it’s so cool! It’s like a really fun mind and reading a book like Bridget Jones. Thank you for sharing things, and also for commenting and liking my blog. Xxx

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