Yoga pants fail-part 2

Okay, I know I’ve written about this before, but I just had to get this off my chest.  We went to a science march yesterday. It was a beautiful Spring day here in Southeastern Wisconsin. Now I’m all about body positivity, being an overweight, middle aged woman myself, I’m well aware of what I look like.  Apparently, a lot of younger women have not gotten that memo.  You know the ones, wearing tight yoga pants, with every bump, bulge, cellulite, crevice, you name it out for the world to see. It’s not a good look. You can be curvy and wear yoga pants that look great.  But it’s the lumpy, bumpy shit that grosses me out.  Later after the march while having a cold beer, I overhead a young man telling some women he was sitting with how he hates seeing women wearing yoga pants.  It was pretty funny, as the women were trying to defend them.

Ever hear of Spanx?  I’m guessing not.


yogapantsass 4-23-17

Yoga pants fail 10-3-15

24 thoughts on “Yoga pants fail-part 2

  1. I always worry I look like that, but I end up being pleasantly surprised when my 58 year old butt looks better than the butts of women half my age. Some people will wear anything and just not care. I’d like to be that confident (or oblivious).

  2. A lot of my readers were offended one time when on one my posts I got real and honest, just like your post. They say it’s not all about physical appearance , but the heart and personality. Ugh, what can I say ? How can I defend myself ? ( The pics I uploaded had one wearing yoga pants ( with the bumps and all , but the lady was wearing short , tight blouse, hence everyone could see the ” handles “, the actual flesh, and other stuff best left unseen. * sigh * Your picture here actually looks a lot nicer that the one I posted. I guess I was politically incorrect.

  3. Omg I’m dying over here!! Aaahahahahaha too funny! Listen now, I will share a secret obsession of mine with you guys really quick. It’s called Lula Roe. If you haven’t heard of it, look it up. It’s the best and most flattering way to wear leggings(not so much yoga tights) and it look good no matter your size. I’m not a size 6 but I wear these leggings with a long tunic to cover any of those lumps and “creases” (still laughing btw). Maybe someone needs to start a blog on the correct way to wear tights. Whether it’s yogas or leggings. Hmmmm….. getting ideas here 😂😆👍🏻

  4. Oh, this is too funny! Someone needed to say it! I’m thin but not quite fit (although I’m working on that), and would absolutely NOT wear yoga pants in public. Not even to Walmart, where apparently it’s acceptable to wear pajamas! Hope this yoga pants trend passes soon, but I’m not counting on it…..

  5. I grew up playing volleyball so wearing spandex is second nature to me. I feel very awkward when people wear leggings as pants b/ flubbery body parts just don’t hold in as well as spandex! It’s worse when the leggings are flesh colored haha. Great article

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