People are so silly sometimes!

I stopped at my son’s job to get my car checked out. I was talking to a woman at the service desk, and told her Jordan was my son. She proceeded to compliment me on how focused he is and polite, etc, Then she said “oh,which christian school does he go too?” Um, me, no he goes to a public school. It seemed like she didn’t believe me, and asked me again where he went to school. Like she couldn’t believe our son could be those things going to a public school. No lady, it’s called being a good parent and having a smart kid.

I wanted to tell her I’m an atheist, but I was afraid her head might explode!


31 thoughts on “People are so silly sometimes!

  1. It is true. Good parenting is responsible for a child’s behaviour. There are some that with great parenting turn the other way. Having said that, it’s to my way of thinking, the responsibility and gift to your child or children to teach them consequences, right from wrong, what is and isn’t acceptable behaviour. Kudos.

  2. Congratulations to your son, he can’t go wrong with being polite and he will go far always trying to do his best. Congratulations to you for raising a son confident enough to be this way. Great Job both of you. Hugs

  3. Totally not surprised by her response. Unfortunately, there’s the perception that you can’t be a good kid in a public school. I’ve heard some christian parents say they don’t want to send their kids to school with the “criminals.” Oy.

  4. Rational arguments don’t usually work on religious people. Otherwise there would be no religious people.

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