History is testing the American people. We dare not fail.

Love will conquer hate!

Art by Rob Goldstein

Meme regarding the right to choose our leaders

My partner and I plan to attend tomorrow’s March for Truth.

As he worried about violence I flashed on a 1974 march for
gay liberation in Boston.

We had about a thousand people.

Straights stood on rooftops and spat on us. Some waved guns.

As the march turned a corner, the bells of the Cathedral of St. Paul went off.

Everyone cheered and applauded.

I came back to the present and smiled at my partner: “So I die fighting for freedom; not a bad way to go.”

I didn’t know I felt that way.

I must have felt that way in 1974.

Perhaps courage is nothing more than a sense of responsibility..

History is testing the American People. We dare not fail.

Please join the June 3rd 2017 Bipartisan March for Truth

Meme. June 3rd March for Truth To find a march near you Click Here.

“I call on you to remain confident. We will succeed…

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5 thoughts on “History is testing the American people. We dare not fail.

  1. It seems every generation we have the same type of civil rights fight all over again for one group or another. It seems people just can’t learn not to hate or the need to “rule” over others. The government right now is like that. So many who think they have a right to rule, instead of a job to fix the problems. BTW did you see where California is trying to develop and pass a universal health care system for the entire state. Looks liek they may be able to do it. I wait to see if the feds will cooperate with them or not. Hugs

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