Hello, my name is Tessa, and I’m from Canada (not really, but I’m too ashamed to say I’m from the United States!)

That’s my new mantra for when I travel outside of the United States.  Our current dictator in chief, I mean president is bat shit crazy! After the recent terror attack in London, our butt wipe of a president, tweeted not once, but twice to deride the mayor of London.

I often wonder how this lunatic can wipe his own ass!  To anyone outside of the United States, please don’t think that all Americans are like Donald Trump.  We are not.  I know many people who voted for him, and they are good people.  He’s a carnival show barker and a superb con man. He, his supporters and fellow spineless politicians are setting out to destroy the country I love.

It seems Trump is hell bent on undoing everything that Barack Obama did. He’s such a petty little dweeb. “I’ll show everyone else in the world, that I only care about myself and whomever I can make money off of, the hell with the planet.”

Every flipping day it’s some new scandal.  It’s obvious that Russia interfered with our election.  Everyone on Trump’s cabinet is not even remotely qualified to head the agency they were appointed too.  It’s all a money grab, the hell with poor people, hungry children, old and sick people, I could go on for days.

Please, people of the United States, get involved.  Too many people sat out and didn’t vote in 2016.  Or they thought Donald Trump, being a business man would change things up.  He’s changed things alright, he’s setting out to destroy our democracy.  My husband keeps saying that things will work out. No one thought Trump would get elected, and he did. He’s hell bent on destroying the environment.  His party doesn’t give two shits about anyone except his hard core supporters and the 1%.  I never realized people were so uninformed.  It’s very sad.

People are getting murdered for standing up for others being harassed.  This is not what America is all about. When you have a bully, racist and piece of shit in the white house, you emboldened the true ugliness in people to come out.  Don’t get me wrong, the ugliness has always been there, but now people think since the president acts the way he does,  they can too.

We will prevail, I just hope we don’t go so far down the rabbit hole that we can’t get back out.

I hope like hell he gets impeached. Pence is no better, and Paul Ryan is worse. Good Americans need to come together and change our country for everyone, not just a select few.

US Flag 6-5-17



70 thoughts on “Hello, my name is Tessa, and I’m from Canada (not really, but I’m too ashamed to say I’m from the United States!)

  1. I’ve got Trumpitis. Side effects may include insomnia, headaches, acute shame and embarrassment, cringing, and the fear of asking “what now”!

  2. Trump is a shitbird. My dog drops turds that are more intelligent than #notmypresident. I’m very stressed because I’ll be leaving for France next week. I’m trying to find the time to have a tee shirt embroidered with “JAMAIS TRUMP’ so that as I’m shopping in Cannes people will see that I despise him. I’ve got a hard road ahead of me in saying “Je suis Catherine. Je detest Trump”. I mean, really–I’ll have to add Jamais trump after every “Bonjour”.
    Every night I kneel at my bed and pray “Please Hipster Jesus, Please don’t let Trump wake up tomorrow morning”. I will be lighting candles in every church I pass while in France begging God and the Saints to put an end to that evil and vile POS. I’m not kidding either!

  3. It’s true! I’m afraid to not have the tv on or away from the ‘net. It’s too scary. I find myself screaming, “what fresh hell has he done?”. Like chasing a 2 yr old and repeating oneself nonononono! Put it down! Downdowndown! Stopitstopitstopitstopit!! Badbadbad!!

  4. Well said. His treatment of Sadiq Khan has been disgusting to say the least. Never mind that there are people grieving the loss of loved ones, it’s unbecoming of a state leader. You have to wonder where his advisors are. I get the sense they’re just letting him to whatever in the hopes that they’ll be there to take over when he’s pushed out (looking at Mike Pence) but they all need to be tossed out.

    American politics has sailed past ridiculous and landed squarely on s***show. Sad!

  5. Scary times. The sheer hypocrisy of the GOP is matched only by this administration’s utter incompetence and corruption. Don’t be ashamed, though. I’m not—and I didn’t vote for this.

  6. Don’t worry Tessa, no-one blames Canadians for any of the current mess.Actually, we don’t even blame most Americans.The (nearly)50% that voted for Trump saw him as a TV reality star. Nothing has hit reality since the inauguration.
    Trump is totally self obsessed so thinks all his decisions are right, and of course his tweets are too. The trouble is he’s managing to offend so many people and disappoint so many more, all those who expected his campaign promises to bear fruit. He’s not a good politician and not a god man. He hasn’t surrounded himself with politicians or good people either
    It’s not the fault of you Canadians though, cough.
    I hope Trump is impeached and all those around him are removed also. Since it appears Russia did interfere in the last elections maybe they could be voided and a new election called.I doubt it’s worth the Republicans having anyone stand.
    xxx Massive Hugs xxx

  7. I am Canadian and I feel for you. I feel for us. I feel for the rest of the world. Honestly, all my beliefs on the U.S. have been turned on its head after this election. I use to think the U.S. was a leader in Democracy, but the last year has really shown how much you guys are lacking in the basic rights that most democracies have. But even though Trump, his government, and his blind supporters, have made us shake our heads on more than one occasion, the Americans who are fighting back against him are very inspiring.

  8. Reblogged this on Opher's World and commented:
    What he said about the London killings was disgusting!!! To twist the Mayor’s words like that; to ignore all the poor victims. It is beyond belief for a head of State. He is a lout!!

  9. And remember to vote in the upcoming midterm elections! If we can take Congress back, we can at least throw a monkey wrench into Twitler’s power grab. Vote in your local elections, too!

    Most years I sing in the chorus for our big 4th of July show. (The televised one.) I’ve already said I can’t do it this year. I don’t have the heart to get up there and sing rah-rah songs about our country when I’m embarrassed to be an American right now.

    • That’s a shame. The local democratic office reached out to me about running for office. I answered back that I was interested, and I never heard a peep! All I’ve gotten from them is emails asking for donations. After I thought about it, I decided I didn’t want to run. I’m 58 and don’t need that type of stress in my life. I just hope the younger generation gets more involved in politics.

      • My spouse was approached about running, because he used to be really active in politics. He said he would run only if he could run as an open atheist, and advocating for the full taxation of churches. They said “never mind”. He’s in the judiciary now, so had to stop campaigning.

      • It’s amazing how religion seems to somehow affect so many aspects of our life. I’m a proud atheist, and get really tired of all these people who do horrible things in the name of religion.

  10. I moved to Canada from the US in 1968. I called myself a draft dodger even though I am a woman; women of the 60’s got sick and tired of the political atmosphere and the grotesque “police action” taking place too. I quickly learned to say I was from Cumberland (BC), not Portland Oregon. Now I seem to be living a big deja vu.

  11. What we wonder outside is… is it only people who DIDN’T vote for him that see the absolute nightmare he is being or also his supporters and voters can realise the damage he is doing?

    • I think many of his supporters are in denial. Trump rails on about fake news, but you see him saying and doing all of his stupid crap with your own eyes! I don’t get how people can be so blind. Thanks for the comment.

  12. Hi! Thanks for the follow! I saw the beginning of this post and started laughing right away! Yes, there are definitely times where I am embarrassed to be an American. This past Presidential Election was one of those times!!
    What made me laugh even more is that I have 2 wonderful friends from Canada, a father and daughter. They jokingly give me such a hard time about Trump,etc. I told them about your blog and this post and they said, “smart girl!” 🙂
    Shortly after the election I wrote a post. A post about not giving up hope even though things looked so dreary. The USA is not just about who is in the White House! That doesn’t define us! We can stand up and unite and show the world who we really are! I pray that we do!!

  13. Thank you for this great post. Being half Russian – I myself avoid saying that sometimes when travelling just because Im ashamed of Russian politics…Trump and his administration is horrid, the only thing that gets me through the news is watching a comedians take on it..right now Seth Meyers is my favourite../Mary

  14. I highly recommend the book “Audacity: How Barack Obama Defied His Critics and Created a Legacy that will Prevail” by Jonathan Chait… It does a good job of explaining how this bipartisan war exploded during Obama’s presidency, and how the Republican Party suddenly went Racist Right…. I don’t know about you but I needed to understand what just happened, whodunit and why. That’s going to be part of how to fix it…. because I love Canada but this is MY country and Trump can’t have it.

  15. Take heart. It seems the Senate is starting to wake from their long slumber and pass laws to control DT. As Sen. John McCain said in his speech they shouldn’t forget they’re as powerful as the President. The tweets against Sessions were a step too far as he has many friends in the Senate. Thanks for stopping by my blog and following. 🙂 — Suzanne

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