A Time To March

Great read! We can’t let a small minority of evil people threaten our freedom!

Empty Nest, Full Life

I’m horrified, shocked, furious about the terrorist attack in Charlottesville this weekend. White Nationalists, whatever the hell that means, marched supposedly to protect the statue of a man who committed treason 150 years ago and then lost a war.

How to pick a winner, right?

They wore Nazi insignia. They gave the Nazi salute. They chanted about the Jews “replacing” them.

Their true goal, obviously, was not to stand up for old dead Robert E. Lee. It was to provoke a fight with all those awful people who they believe are trying to take away their white male role as masters of the continent.

They succeeded. There was fighting. There was death.

They got their headlines.

Now these radical deplorables are planning to march on Boston. The capital of the state where I live. They want to chant their pathetic racist drivel on the streets where Sam Adams rallied patriots…

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11 thoughts on “A Time To March

  1. No it definitely was not a pretty sight. All I can say is that southern heritage is steeped in pride though it doesn’t excuse ugly deeds. Charlottesville has been trying for many many years to oust out minorities and the KKK runs deep through there. Virginia is not a state that will put up with this..

  2. Racism and white supremacy is the scourge of America. The irony is that these people are among the stupidest, ill-educated of people. How they can imagine they are superior to anyone is beyond me. Thank heavens I’m British. And Trump has his solitary orange supremacist party!

  3. I live 2.5 hours from Charlottesville and I am horrified at the ugliness brought into my state. We must take to the streets and push these evil animals back into the shadows where they belong. There is a social media campaign to post and share their names so that decent people can shame them back into the darkness.

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