40th High School Reunion-didn’t go!

Mine is this weekend in my hometown of Indianapolis.  I was planning on going, but I injured my knee, and after having surgery, it’s still not right.  My graduating class was over 1300. I sat in the last row for the ceremony, and it took forever.  Being the rebel that I am, I had a squirt gun.  Not just any squirt gun mind you, but a Green Avenger.

Green Avenger squirt gun 9-9-17

This squirt gun hid easily under my gown. It could squirt over 20 feet, and it resembled a set of brass knuckles.  I graduated in 1977, and really didn’t like high school.  I was lucky that I had a lot of friends, but never felt like I really fit in.  I went to a very wealthy high school where many of the kids drove brand new, expensive cars.  I drove a 1963 Chevy pick up truck, flat black, step side, long bed. I wore a cowboy hat. I do believe I started the trend in my high school of girls wearing cowboy hats. My cowboy hat was all leather. I’m from Indiana, so I’m not a Southern girl by any stretch.

I’ve always been a girly girl, so yeah I’m wearing my cowboy hat with red lipstick and a skirt.  My truck was primer black, and I had a load of firewood in the back for the longest time.

My truck was super fast.  I had so much fun driving it, as it was a four speed with a Hurst shifter and 454 engine. I’ll never forget the time when I was speeding out of the school parking lot, and got pulled over.  The cop walked up to my truck, and as I was coming up with some lame excuse, he politely said “I use to own this truck, and am well aware of how fast it is.”  Turns out my brother had bought the truck from this cop, and I bought it from my brother. I would race anybody.  It was always fun to see the look on guys faces as I was smoking them at the stop light!  By a girl no less in a cowboy hat!  My one and only bumper sticker was “Capricorns are great lovers” in the back window!  You wouldn’t believe the looks I would get from people! Mind you I was living in the bible belt, and you would have thought I had a “F*&k Jesus” sticker instead.

We were told that girls had to wear a skirt under their graduation gowns, oh hell to the no!

Graduation 1977

I was wearing my favorite light blue Levi corduroys!  Did I care if it was hot as hell, no! I mean look at me, I look like goofball with my almost afro hair under my cap.  The bane of my curly head existence!

I had so much fun squirting people and seeing the looks on their faces, wondering like WTF, where did that come from! Ha! Lucky for me many of my high school classmates are Facebook friends so we still keep in touch.  Maybe I’ll show up at the 50th reunion!

Thanks for stopping by.

26 thoughts on “40th High School Reunion-didn’t go!

  1. I think a lot of us feel the same about the high school years. Honestly, I do believe they are, for mostly everyone, the most awkward four years of our lives. I hated high school. Hated. Like you, I had a lot of friends but I never fit in. Always that person looking in from the outside. And now, I’m FB friends with a ton of people from both high and grammar school and the older I get the more I realize these are the people who really know me best!
    I love that you had a squirt gun at your high school graduation. That is epic!!!

  2. You rebel you! I love your truck. It looks like it had a lot of character. I haven’t gone to any of my high school reunions. It wasn’t a great time for me, as my dad died from a brain tumor my junior year. I did have a group of friends through the theater group, but I was also bullied pretty badly, so it’s a time of my life,I’d just as soon forget.😕

    • Thanks! I went to school with a lot of stuck up rich kids, and I was anything but. When I was a junior and dated a very popular and good looking senior, lots of girls didn’t like me. But I didn’t care, as I had a crap ton of guy friends.

      • I was a nerd before it was cool. Being a tomboyish nerd in a small Texas school was never going to be a good thing, but I had a small core of friends and I was pretty clueless as to my lack of popularity. I kind of blossomed after all these years, so my reunions are hilarious.

  3. Love this post and seeing your photos. Why not wear what you want under your robes! We don’t have graduations unless we go to uni, so I had one but it was formal so I had to dress up x

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