You’d think that Republican politicians at Capitol Hill would know by now that taking people’s healthcare away for whatever reason is as morally reprehensible as it is unpopular. But as soon as Congress is back in session, a group of Republican US Senators introduce this Graham-Cassidy legislation which is seen as the last Obamacare repeal […]

via The Scourge of Graham-Cassidy — The Lone Girl in a Crowd

8 thoughts on “Disgusting!

  1. It is disgusting –and all because of a cowardly Draft Dodger who hates the president who was black. I literally hate Trump and the Republican Congress. Instead of trusting to move forward with other matters these scum are hell-bebt on murdering my millions by t king Healrhcare away. HitlerTrump and his neo-Nazis should meet the same fate as those at Nuremberg.

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