Good luck with that! So not happening!

Moments before Fox News Channel was set to telecast Sean Hannity’s latest sit-down with President Donald Trump, POTUS made another threat to revoke network TV licenses because he does not like what they are reporting about him. This morning, Trump tweeted similarly, though tonight’s tweet seems to take his attack to the next level: “Network…

via Donald Trump Vows To “Revoke” Licenses Of “Fake News” Networks In Latest Tweet — Deadline

21 thoughts on “Good luck with that! So not happening!

  1. You have got to be kidding me! Okay, you’re going to think I’m crazy, but I think under just the right circumstances, he could get away with curtailing the freedom of the press. First, Hitler and the Nazi Party did it quite successfully. Second, remember how he’s also been beating the drum about “widespread” voter fraud? Well, a month or two ago, some news agency polled Republicans and half said they’d approve of him postponing the 2020 Presidential election because of his claims. I know it seems like we have all these checks and balances to keep our freedoms in place, but if something were to happen, real or made up by Trump and his minions…😒

  2. As a non-US citizen, can I legitimately comment? Anyway, I’m going to. I think Mr Trump has failed to realise that there are limits to what even the President of the US can do.

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