Get ready for Halloween creepy!

I love Halloween, but in the making costumes, eating candy, and drinking a cocktail while asking “and who are you supposed to be?” kind of way. When it comes to the actual scary stuff, I’m the first to cry and run for my life. I jump a foot when a pin drops, fast forward through […]

via 9 Creepy Yards That Are Winning Halloween on Instagram Right Now — Round Two

8 thoughts on “Get ready for Halloween creepy!

  1. B-b-but Halloween is still two weeks away. Lol, I’ve always thought of Halloween as a weird American thing because while people do get dressed up for it here, you can generally avoid it and no one really decorates their house or gardens.

    • It’s super over rated if you ask me. Many houses in our neighborhood are decorated, but we live in area with a ton of little kids. We stopped handing out candy and just go out to dinner instead!

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