Why can’t we be more like the UK, Canada or Australia?

Jack is spot on! I know I have had enough of the never ending mass shootings here in the United States.  People, please get out and vote this year and get these selfish bastard politicians out of office!


Guns make very small men feel very big. The whole world must know by now that on St. Valentines day a nineteen years old youth called Nicholas Cruz carried out his very own cowardly massacre at the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, in Parkland, Florida. After about 7 minutes of shooting, 17 people lay dead, […]

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5 thoughts on “Why can’t we be more like the UK, Canada or Australia?

  1. There is definitely a ‘Wild West’ macho male culture pervading many parts of Australia.With that fact in mind, if down here we then combined that mind-set with lax gun laws that allowed firearms to get into the hands of anyone who felt the need to defend themselves, we’d be literally stacking the bodies in the streets.

    The gun law reforms introduced in this country back in 1996 made it a requirement that a person who possesses or uses a firearm must have a firearm licence and that licence holders must demonstrate a “genuine reason” for holding a firearm licence. That “genuine reason” does not include some perceived right to defend oneself against some perceived threat.

    That’s the sort of country I want to live in.

  2. Was so sad to hear of another school shooting! I’m just so shocked nothing is ever done when innocent young people have been killed. If we had guns and it happened in the UK where I am there would be outrage x

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