Please, people of the U.S., come to your senses!

It’s always about Don the con.  I’m sure the families of the 17 people murdered in the mass shooting in Florida on Wednesday will find comfort in his tweets.

Sit down and shut the f&*k up! Better yet, do something you moronic asspipe!


Getty Image Friday was a busy day for breaking news about the government. Not only did we learn about the latest indictments in Robert Mueller’s investigation into Russian tampering with the 2016 election, we also learned that the FBI received a credible warning about the Parkland, Florida school shooter and failed to act. Both developments…

via Trump Brazenly Suggests That The FBI Didn’t Act On The Florida School Shooter Because They Were Focusing On Russia — UPROXX

11 thoughts on “Please, people of the U.S., come to your senses!

  1. I have to ask people newly upset with the current president for his actions to make everything about him and his view of the world, what did you expect? It is well know tRump is an egomaniac and super narcissist. He always was. He is deluded and lives in a reality of his own making because he was born wealthy, never told no, never been made responsible. And a portion of the country upset with progress and equal rights together with another second of the country pouting they did not get their prefered way, elected this well known mob affiliated money launder president. I hope they enjoy what they wrought. The only good to come out of this disaster is the sleeping majority has started to awake and fight back. Maybe it will take more effort than ever to overcome the gerrymandering and rigged elections systems, but the majority can take this country back to a better more progressive path for everyone. Hugs

  2. It seems to me, from here in the UK, that people are just entrenched in their own view. Trump supporters have bought into his vision just like the Teaparty did. It’s a toxic view of hate, fear and nastiness. The lies have really bitten.
    Time will show what fools they’ve been.
    It’s the same here with Brexit.

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