“I would have run in there.” tRump

Bitch please, you wouldn’t even go fight for your country. You had FIVE deferments because your daddy is a rich prick! Oh and you are a coward! Meh!


whiny little bitch

30 thoughts on ““I would have run in there.” tRump

  1. Yeah, trump’s “personal Vietnam” was fighting off STDs in the states during Vietnam……and he would have run in even without a weapon. This man is beyond nauseating, he’s vermin.

  2. My husband cracked up laughing when he read about Trump saying this! Should we be surprised that he would claim this. Sadly, Nope!
    What is sad, are the people who may actually believe him!!

  3. A man who has lived a life of false bravado and won an election on such will not be running into buildings to stop a shooter. I have long ago learned to not pay too much attention to people who tell you how tough or great they are. Unfortunately, too many Americans bought his schtick.

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