Zenni Optical Review

Hello, and happy Sunday!  I’ve haven’t posted in ages.  Busy at work and life in general.

This is my fourth pair of  Zenni’s Optical glasses.  You simply upload a photo of yourself to virtually try on glasses.  I purchased this pair that has magnetic clip on sun shades.  I have progressive lenses that are thin and super light weight.  For less than $2, I had my phone number engraved on one of the arms.

Here are the glasses without the sun shades, they are half rims. They are a tad bigger than I thought they would be, but I love them anyway.

Zenni 7-8-18


With sun shades.

Zenni 7-8-18 sun shades

Here’s a breakdown of what I got:


1.61 Digital Free Form Progressive Beyond UV Blue Blocker lenses-$73.95

Water Resistant Easy to clean (Super Hydrophobic) Anti reflect coating-$4 (regular anti reflective coating is free)

Custom engraving-$1.95

Expedited shipping-$7.45

Grand total-$123.30 US dollars!

Zenni ships worldwide!  I’ll never buy glasses in a optical shop again!  Check out Zenni Optical, you won’t be disappointed.

Thanks for stopping by.



12 thoughts on “Zenni Optical Review

  1. My last pair of glasses cost over $800 dollars. They broke at the lens / frame joint one year almost to the date I had them. I had been getting my glasses there for 14 years. When I complained they first wanted to do nothing. When I said in that case I wouldn’t be back, the said if I had an old pair of frames they would replaces the lens for $300. I said that was too much. They settled with me for $225 with my old frame. I have not yet been back. I still am upset. I have been getting new glasses from them every two years for 14 years and the price keeps going up. They could have comped me a pair of glasses or at least done better on the price. It was their frames that broke. Hugs

    • Sorry to hear that Scottie. It’s amazing what some stores charge for eyeglasses. I know that Zenni’s are made in China, and I’ve never had an issue with the quality.

      • The problem I had is I spent largly at their place, never complained and the one time I had an issue with the frame they sold, they balked at any assistance. As I said I have to get glasses every two years. I am overdue. I have cataracts and I am a diabetic. I have never spent less than $600 for the glasses. I was very offended as they acted so put upon. I was like well I have given so much more than that over the years. But we will see. I can go to any office I chose. Hugs

      • I know, I have missed you. I am well, ron is busy remodeling the house, The front room faces east and was a solid wall of windows, someone’s idea of a sun room I guess. But it was hot as heck and hard to use. So Ron is taking the entire north part, and the east wall out , and putting in one really super efficient window in the north / door wall, and three in the east wall, and closing the rest in and super insulating it. He has done a lot of it on his off days and now is on vacation. He loves doing this stuff. It totally confuses me. He has rebuilt this place three times with different floor plans. Me I just get groceries and make sure he is happy . I hold the tape measure here or the random 2X4. Other wise I retire to my office and he and I both do what we enjoy. After 28 years we really have hit a grand groove. Thanks for asking. How have you been doing. Last I knew you were talking moving out of country. Hugs

  2. Nice protipping!
    I like the glasses, you look great! I was surprised to see your clip on shades have a full frame. I’m intrigued. Of course, this is coming from the near sided guy that got his first glasses 12 years ago, quit driving 11 years ago and stopped using his glasses and only just recently started wearing them again while watching a TV show with subtitles…what can I say, I have issues.

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