Getting your orange on at the 2015 Golden Globes

I just read the funniest article about all the fake tans at this year’s Golden Globe awards.  I find it so amusing with all the money these folks have they still end up looking like an oompa loompa.  Now I’ve been using fake bake since the 70’s, and I never looked orange. Well, there was that one time at the Indy 500, where I had to wear long pants because of my orange legs, and it was like a 100 degrees with a million percent humidity. (Okay, I’m exaggerating, but it was hotter than hell).

I used Coppertone Quick Tan or QT when I was in high school.  I’m a fair haired gal so I don’t really get tan, I get red. I actually use to use a tanning lamp on my face.  I would get a toasty shade of red, then mix with the orange of the QT for a great fake tan.  I cringe when I think of how many times I burned myself to a crisp just to be tan. It was all the rage back then.  If you were still pale in May, you were a loser. Now I don’t step outside unless I have a 30 SPF on.

coppertone ad

This is horrible, but for the 1970’s it worked.

1977 HS graduation

This is how you do fake bake-me in 1976

 When I go somewhere tropical for vacation now, you can’t even tell I went anywhere.  Having a pre-cancerous lesion cut off my shoulder in my mid-thirties cured me of the tanning crap.  My goofball older sister (she’s 16 years older than me) would go to a tanning booth before going to Florida to “get a base”, when she was in her 60’s. Now she’s super wrinkled, and I’m not.

I still do the fake bake, but I’m pretty sure I haven’t been orange since the Indy 500, in 1981.


Conair Heat Waves Hot Rollers Review- They’re back!!!!!!!!!!!

Happy New Year!   When I say the Conair Heat Waves rollers are back, I mean hot rollers never went away, they just did for me. I myself have not used hot rollers for many years. I had no need; I just had a vast array of curling irons.  My hair is naturally curly, but I straighten it.  In this past year I’ve come down with the dreaded ‘menopause hair’. It sucks! Of course I’ve been in menopause for almost six years, so I guess I should consider myself lucky I didn’t get it sooner.  Menopause hair is gray, wiry, frizzy, and generally uncontrollable.  It especially blows for me because up until June of 2013, I had the most amazing hair I have ever had in my life. It was long, blonde, very healthy looking. You know your hair looks good when people you work with (that you know don’t like you) compliment you on your hair. Then in June of 2013, my hair was changed forever.  I had gotten some low lights for my blonde hair that ended up being too dark.  I went back to the salon to get it corrected, and my stylist left the bleach on my hair too long. My hair was damaged beyond repair.  I had been seeing this woman for 3 years, and I always tip very well. I was crushed.  My hair broke off and I had visibly thin spots on my scalp.  I spent nearly $400 buying hair pieces to cover up the damage.

We as women are usually obsessed with our hair.  A good hair day can make a big difference on your outlook for the day. I’m middle aged, so having awesome hair was really a treat for me.  My hair finally grew back, but it’s never been the same since.  Luckily for me I look okay with my hair up. But I’ve been wearing my hair up for the past eighteen months. You kind of look like an old lady when you wear your hair up all the time.  I take pride in my appearance, by wearing make-up and having a stylish wardrobe.

I never did tell my former stylist how much she ruined my hair.  I was afraid I might punch her if I went back. It’s ironic because she was always telling me what great condition my hair was in, and I could go for a long time between haircuts and highlight touch ups. My dermatologist told me I shouldn’t put any bleach on my hair for at least twelve months, use Moroccan oil and take biotin supplements.

I went to back to a salon I had frequented in the past, but stopped going to because they got too expensive.  I was told that there really wasn’t anything they could do.  The stylist told me to go on Pinterest to look for cute up dos. Are you flipping kidding me? Nothing I can do?  I had spent over $300 at this salon getting partial highlights and hair cuts on several occasions.  The stylist told me she felt sorry for me, but really could not do anything about my hair.

Conair Heat Waves Hot Rollers 1-3-15
Pre Jacked up Hair  Jan 2013

Before hair disaster

Well, I tried yet another salon.  This time the stylist was older and was very knowledgeable. She was familiar with my ‘menopause’ hair and suggested hot rollers. What an angel!  I always use a heat protecting product when I style my hair, but the Conair Heat Waves rollers are flocked, they also heat up in 85 seconds.  What a great alternative to using a curling iron. I’m getting the same results but not damaging my hair.

I bought my Conair Heat Waves at for $15.99, the regular price is $33.99, but they were on sale and I had a 20% off coupon. Here is a link to Ulta.