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Fill unused Amazon boxes with donations and they’ll be shipped to Goodwill for free | AL.com — Mommy Articles Free Samples, Freebies, Sweepstakes, Rebates and Reviews

What a wonderful idea!

With the boom in online shopping – and more and more people looking to Amazon to fill their Christmas lists – the question is: what to do with all those unused boxes? Well, Amazon is taking part in a program to recycle all those empty Amazon boxes as well as help get donations to the […]

via Fill unused Amazon boxes with donations and they’ll be shipped to Goodwill for free | AL.com — Mommy Articles Free Samples, Freebies, Sweepstakes, Rebates and Reviews

Goodwill Year End Haul

Happy Sunday!   I cleaned my closet this weekend and filled five garbage bags with clothes to donate. While I was cleaning, I realized that I have way too many clothes.  But I’m a woman and we can never have too many clothes, kind of the same way  we feel about shoes.

Since it’s officially winter here in Wisconsin, I was jonesing for some different sweaters, so off I went to Goodwill.  It’s snowing today, so the store was hardly busy at all, yeah!  No screaming kids! I scored lots of good stuff. Of course I need nothing, but that never stops me.

For a whopping $22, I got two pairs of pants, four sweaters, two tee shirts, a tank top and a hippy blouse.

All of the items were name brand and in excellent condition.  I got 8 items for 50% off the tag price, then 25% off of my entire purchase.

Here are my sweaters.  I especially like the paisley print cardigan.

The tee shirts and tank top will look great under sweaters I already own.

And this cute hippy blouse. Super comfy.


I also got a pair of Dockers trouser jeans and some black Levi corduroys. Now I’m all set, at least until I lose the 30 pounds hanging off my arse.

Thanks for stopping by.


Thrift Store Haul & Tips

Here are a few things from a recent trip to my favorite Goodwill store.  I didn’t pay more than $3 for any one item.  I scored some NYDJ (Not Your Daughter’s Jeans) NYDJ on Amazon jeans for $3.50, this style sells for over $100!

I’ve gained a few pounds lately, so I was looking for some shorts.  I couldn’t find any so I bought four pairs of jeans to cut off.  The NYDJ brand fits perfectly.  My friend swears by them, but I would never pay over $100 for a pair of jeans, I don’t care how good they might make my butt look.  I just want my butt to look smaller.

A few of the items are for winter, but who cares! I’ll be more than set once the cold weather rolls around.  It is truly amazing what you can find.  My wardrobe just keeps getting better, and I’m keeping more money in my pocket.

Here are some tips for successful shopping at a thrift store:

  1. Give yourself plenty of time to shop. I’ve found men’s clothing mixed in with the women’s. Also you need to look in a size up or down from what you normally wear. It’s common to find other sizes mixed in with yours.
  2. Look at labels first. I could never afford to wear designer clothes before, now I can. I also find deals on items from our local department stores, as well as nationwide stores such as Kohl’s.
  3. Sign up for store rewards cards. I get advance notices of sales and coupons as well.
  4. Shopping on half price tag day. Usually on Sunday and Monday a particular color of price tag will be 50% off.  Sunday is probably the best time to shop because most people donate on Saturday.
  5. If you have lost weight or are losing weight, it’s the best place to go to reward yourself. When you have lost some weight and your old clothes are getting too baggy, shop Goodwill. Who wants to spend a lot of money on clothes, only to have them not fit in a month or so.
  6. Go outside your comfort zone. Before I discovered Goodwill, the colors of my wardrobe were indicative of my exciting occupation. I didn’t own anything pink, purple or coral.  Now I have all the colors of the rainbow in my closet.
  7. Go often. You will be amazed at the amount of brand new with the tag items you will find.
  8. Last but not least. Find out when your local department is having a Goodwill sale. When you donate items to the store they will give you a coupon good for that store. A week after the sale is over, go to your local Goodwill.  You will be amazed at the selection.  January 1st is great also; as many people (including myself) wait until the last minute to donate for the previous year.
  9. And the most important thing, donate regularly to your local thrift store. They help many people in the community, and it’s a great tax write off.